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Louisville, KY 40218


8417 Sunstate Street
Tampa, FL 33634


Our Team

We work with you to meet your specific needs and establish a working relationship that will help you meet your particular goals.

  1. Peary Wilson


  2. Eric Schaefer, MSSF, CHC

    Senior Vice President

  3. Janet Lively, CPSM

    Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

  4. Tyler Kovarik, CCM

    Vice President - Florida Operations

  5. Chuck Rassenfoss

    Senior Project Manager

  6. Michael Junga

    Senior Project Manager

  7. Doug Ellsworth

    Project Manager - Tampa

  8. Brian Kebler

    Project Manager - Tampa

  9. Billy Byrne

    Project Manager

  10. George Vetterly

    Project Manager - Tampa

  11. Tony Laskey

    Project Manager

  12. Matt Moore

    General Superintendent

  13. Bailey Thompson

    Project Superintendent

  14. Gray Wilson

    Project Assistant/Estimator

  15. Lora Smith

    Administrative Manager