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Construction Services

We deliver an exceptional product when you need it and within your budget.

  1. Construction Management

    We provide construction management services as an owner’s agent, or on an at-risk basis. By acting as an extension of the owner’s team, Schaefer frees the owner to focus on other project dynamics while we orchestrate the details based on established goals and budgets.

    Working together from the start of the project, our construction management team can quickly identify and resolve potential project challenges. As Construction Manager at Risk, we work with the design consulting team and stakeholders to optimize the design, schedule and cost. We negotiate a guaranteed maximum price and bid all trade contracts to ensure our clients get the best pricing value from qualified subcontractors. Using a partnering approach, we assist owners in identifying and selecting experienced, qualified firms with proven performance records for their design and construction team.

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  2. Design – Build

    Design-build combines the design, permit and construction schedules in order to streamline the traditional construction environment. By using this approach, we provide maximum project accountability for all phases of the building process and give the client added security.

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  3. General Contracting

    When serving as a general contractor, we engage a large number of skilled craftsmen by competitively bidding subcontractors for any applicable trades. Collaboration is vital to everything we do, and we approach projects as a partner to the design team and the project owner.

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