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Peary Wilson

"We are proud of our heritage, the experiences we have had, and the countless lives and communities whose built environments we’ve enriched."

Peary Wilson


“I am honored to have been a team member at Schaefer Construction for more than 28 years, and to be entrusted along with Eric Schaefer, to continue the legacy of Frank J. Schaefer, Sr. His values are ingrained in each of us, as well as within our projects. We have always believed in investing in our people, because of their hard work and sacrifice, we are the company we are today. Our associates make the impact to any project, and as such, it remains our philosophy and practice to treat them with respect and the esteem due any family member. We wouldn’t have it any other way. And while our company was humbly founded upon hard work and simple core values, 64 years later, we now possess the confidence, sophistication and capability to provide construction services to clients on a national scale. We are proud of our heritage, the experiences we have had, and the countless lives and communities whose built environments we’ve enriched.

Two things separate us from others in the business. First, we care about our clients as people; there is very much a professionalism about what we do, and there are times when the human aspects far outweigh the sheer dollars and cents. We know our clients, what causes them stress, and who they are as people. The second is that we are transparent about our project pricing, process, and progress. We deliver open-book cost management, with a personal promise to keep clients needs and the building vision in sight by being on-site consistently.

Schaefer General Contracting gained early notoriety primarily as a remodeling and renovation company. During the most recent three decades we have built Schaefer into a much more specialized firm. Today aging care market sector companies, multi-unit living developers and mid-size enterprises who are actively building, seek a builder they can trust to bring their architectural vision to reality. Schaefer has become that firm.”

– Peary Wilson

Thanks to Peary’s leadership and the firm’s decades of experience, clients in specialized markets trust Schaefer. Complex, highly-regulated, occupied building projects have strengthened Schaefer in a way that we are suited for building projects with less stringent requirements, and Peary takes great pride in this achievement.

Peary is passionate about many causes including animal welfare, education, and the Center For Women & Families (ending Domestic Violence). In his free time, Peary enjoys golfing, attending sporting events, going to concerts, working in his yard, and spending time with his family.