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We treat all employees with the respect that we would want to be treated with.

Schaefer Construction understands that building your business’s future requires a partner invested in being hands-on, in touch and completely open to you every step of the way. Schaefer is a partner you can trust to keep your interest in sight and on-site at all times, letting you focus on the big picture, not the little details. A partner with the professional experience to nail the work.

Whether you’re designing the senior living home for the future or building out your space to accommodate your growth, Schaefer Construction is your partner for all your large-scale builds and renovations. It’s how we honed our blueprint for success that includes a proven construction processes run by industry professionals. People with integrity who deliver open-book cost management and a personal promise to keep your needs and your building vision at the center of everything we do.

Who We Are

To mid-size enterprises and organizations who are actively building, Schaefer Construction is the national builder that brings to life large-scale construction and renovations. We do it through ingenuity, transparency and project stewardship so as to build a partnership for generations to come.

We manage our conduct by what is right for our clients, our people and the communities we serve. We treat our customers and each other with acceptance, courtesy and the esteem due to any member of our family.

Our corporate values are our trademark and are the reason that nearly half of our clients are repeat. Our team members understand that our level of quality requires craftsmanship and that our most valuable asset is our people, and our most important product is our skill, experience and knowledge.

We’ve built our generations of success on long-term relationships founded on great work by good people who care about getting it right.

Prioritizing Safety

Our safety record is vitally important to us, and we apply best practices every day to maintain it. Running a safe job site is a top priority for us, and we believe our safety efforts are the responsibility of each and every one of our employees. At Schaefer, safety is more than just something we do – it’s part of the fabric of our culture.

No job, task or schedule is more important than the health and well-being of anyone on (or near) our job sites. Our goal is always zero accidents, and we have proven it’s possible to build and renovate buildings without injuries or accidents.

How We Stay Safe on Every Job Site

We work under an Incident Protection Plan (IPP), which begins with a comprehensive, pre-construction safety review in which our Safety Director, Project Superintendent, and any sub-contractors on the job meet to identify all safety issues associated with the project. The Project Superintendent is required to maintain a written copy of our standard (and site-specific) safety program, a detailed description of the potential issues identified during the safety review, and the IPP for avoiding accident or injury.

We communicate our focus on safety with all new employees during their orientation meetings, and we require them to watch various safety videos and attend safety training classes. We even require this of our project managers and executive staff. We also employ a consultant who evaluates each job site and provides various safety reports to our team. Schaefer has been very successful at making safety a core cultural value – not just some elusive, sought-after benchmark.