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Infection Control: Navigating Safety & Patient Care During Construction

I was recently a patient in, and visited two hospitals; both undergoing renovation. In both facilities, I encountered temporary walls, friendly directional signage, and other messages politely excusing construction. The routes could be confusing and exasperating, but…it is for “our own good”.

Why the maze? To maintain a safe environment of care. When healthcare organizations renovate facilities, the infection threat escalates. Our responsibility is to contain pathogens, control airflow, protect patients, staff & visitors, without disrupting operations, or negatively impacting care. Vital to this imperative, is collaboration with and reporting to the infection control staff, erecting work zone barriers impermeable to dust or harmful contaminants, maintaining air quality, and safety. After all, patients are there to “get well”, not sick; and hospital staff are there to ensure that, not become patients.

As their partner, we take health and safety seriously, exerting every protective effort during construction. We salute our clients and professional partners for their active role in helping us enhance healthcare facilities across the country.