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Building A Pleasant Project Experience

Recent unprecedented investment in development and construction is fueling continued economic momentum. The Omni is open, this summer the KICC opens, with still more distilleries, restaurants, hotels, apartments and bars coming that lure both residents and tourists. Vibrancy, activity, innovation, and projects are very alive in our “little big town”.

For most, there are continually increasing professional demands and therefore, little desire to “manage” a construction project, resolve any conflicts, ensure it’s on schedule, and that your best interest remains the focus. Common sense and experience tell us that these tasks aren’t an owner’s only job; it’s our job. Here are some keys to ensure a smooth project process:

Collaboration – Owner, design & construction partners engage early to translate the vision.
Expectations & Protocols – Defining & conveying the rules of engagement on everything from decision-making and communication, to quality and delivery are essential.
Alignment – With this team in place, budget & project expectations can unite.
Accountability –Shared understanding in responsibility creates a firm foundation.
Responsiveness – This team should serve your needs & those of the project. Insist on it.

Drawing on our heritage, we bring to life large-scale builds and renovations driven by a blueprint for success. Our proven process, run by industry professionals, delivers open-book cost management and a personal promise to keep your needs and your building vision in sight and on-site at all times.