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US Marine Hospital

Built during the golden days of steamboating in the 1840s, this building was declared a national historic landmark in 1997.

Recognizing a Treasure

In 2003, the hospital was ranked #11 on the nation’s “Most endangered Buildings” list and was awarded “Save America’s Treasures” status by the National Park Service.

Delivering Some TLC

In serious disrepair from neglect and the ravages of time, Schaefer restored the roof system, rebuilt cornices, fabricated iron railings, reconstructed a cupola and winding staircase from century-old photos, restored 106 windows and removed 23 layers of paint from the building’s exterior.

All aspects of the facility were analyzed to determine original sizes and features, so Schaefer’s restoration work would be accurate and period-correct.Historical building restoration is one of Schaefer’s specialties, so this project was a perfect fit for us! We’re proud to be the recipients of three of the highest awards given for our work on this national landmark.

Winner of Three Prestigious Awards

  • BKD President’s Award
  • ABC Award of Excellence
  • Ida Lee Willis Memorial Foundation Award