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Bailey Thompson

"Working with our clients, vendor partners, and my fellow Schaefer team in an environment where we are all valued, makes coming to our office every day, that much more rewarding."

Bailey Thompson

Project Superintendent

As a valued Schaefer team member, Bailey brings over a decade of construction expertise to our clients. He has extensive experience in each level of project supervision, including global project management. His duties have included every aspect of construction from estimating, safety, code compliance, to operating heavy equipment, to being a project liaison. Bailey’s strengths lie in his extraordinary organizational skills, his ability to gather project and performance metrics, and put those to use in maintaining scheduling, quality and project financial objectives. He has the ability to anticipate issues, and work across disciplines to resolve these, and any other obstacles in the field.

Bailey is Schaefer’s musical talent. In his free time, he has a farm, on which he raises cattle, pigs and chickens, turkeys. He’s a member of two local Jeep clubs, and is a professional musician.

What Bailey Does For Fun