4716 Pinewood Rd
Louisville, KY 40218


4899 West Waters Avenue
Suites A & B
Tampa, FL 33634



This project was located in a bustling section of downtown Louisville where parking, staging, and general access to the site was limited. Exterior work and much of the interior concrete work was performed at night and on weekends to ensure public safety. Additionally, this structure adjoined an operating office building where noise levels, dust, and shared utilities had to be considered in all phases of construction.

Wise owners are distinctly aware of costs and time constraints for their project. Today, many are opting to use the Design – Build concept which ultimately saves time, money, and possible errors. Getting the contractor involved in the beginning stages of this project produced an award winning and cost saving structure.

Winner of the ABC Award of Excellence in 2001 in the Outstanding Building Accomplishment category.

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