Senior Living / Assisted Living

Senior Living / Assisted Living

SCHAEFER has been in business since 1954, and has quite a long list of senior care facilities that we have worked on...ranging from new, out of the ground construction to all levels of renovation work.  All of our employees - from Project Managers to carpenters and laborers - completely respect the privacy issues pertaining to working in these facilities.  We understand that these rooms respresent someone's home...we respect their privacy, we value their safety and we instill in our crewmen the importance of being nothing short of professional and respectful at all times.  We insist on this with each and every job, and we never cut corners.  Because we have been doing this kind of work for so long, we would like to think we have gotten pretty good at it!  

We're a Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC), and we’ve successfully partnered with national companies such as Adventist Healthcare, Atria, Covenant Care, Golden Living, Kindred Healthcare, etc., and numerous hospitals, many of whom we’ve worked with over 25 years!

We know the importance of effectively addressing indoor air quality issues in today’s facilities, and our Project Managers are certified through KSHE – Kentucky’s Society of Healthcare Engineers. As a healthcare facility contractor, we stay abreast of the most effective techniques and equipment available, and work hand-in-hand with a facility's Infectious Control Nurse to develop the appropriate ICRA Matrix (Infectious Control Risk Assessment Matrix) to ensure we comply with the facility’s strict air quality standards. We realize these sensitive areas demand the utmost control of construction site dust particles.

We arm our construction team with the education and equipment necessary to keep our clients' facilities clean and healthy, by providing the following items, when necessary:

–Barrier walls around the perimeter of all construction spaces

–Negative air machines

–Trash chutes or covered trash cans

–Air lock rooms

–Air monitoring devices

We're highly experienced working in occupied spaces, and are intimately familiar with the various Life Safety Codes which are so critical in each facility. Our Environmental, Health and Safety Programs help prevent injuries and minimize environmental impacts. 
Our crews understand these facilities represent someone’s home, and they respect the resident’s privacy, value their safety, and conduct themselves professionally and respectfully at all times, EVERY time.


 CHC - Certified Healthcare Constructor                                                          KSHE - Kentucky Society of Healthcare Engineers                                        EPSC - Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control                                            OSHA 10 - All Superintendents & Field Crew                                                OSHA 30 - All General Superintendents                                                          First Aid & CPR - All Superintendents & Field Crew                                Bloodborne Pathogene - All Superintendents & Field Crew                        Hazard Communications - All Superintendents & Field Crew                    Hospital Safety/Infectious Control - All Superintendents & Field Crew



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Senior Living / Assisted Living